The DE&S Programme and Project Management function is involved in scoping, designing, implementing and evaluating a huge variety of activity relating to the Armed Forces’ equipment and services.

The DE&S Programme and Project Management (PPM) function is involved in scoping, designing, implementing and evaluating a huge variety of activity relating to the Armed Forces’ equipment and services. Our activities vary widely; some of our projects being high profile, costing significant sums of public money and lasting many years, while other projects need to respond to immediate short-term needs, such as delivering urgent changes to equipment being used in the battlefield.

About the role

Our PPM professionals work in complex and changing environments to deliver activities within time, cost, specification and quality constraints. We regularly seek junior applicants looking for a career in project management, as well as fully qualified programme and project managers with strong transferrable skills from other industries. We are particularly interested in experienced candidates with deep experience of operating in particular domains such as air, maritime and weapons.

About the projects

We provide below examples of the range of projects that PPM supports:

Maritime projects

Our maritime projects include developing the nation’s future aircraft carriers, submarines and warships, as well as maintaining the current fleet of vessels and support craft. Additionally, there are numerous equipment upgrade projects seeking to improve Combat Systems and Platform Systems capability for the fleet. 

Air projects

Our air projects undertake the procurement and support of all military aircraft including helicopters, fast jets, unmanned combat aircraft and large support aircraft. Example projects include the new Lightning fighter, Apache helicopter upgrades and the A400M project.

Land and joint domain projects

Our land and joint domain projects focus on areas which include land-based equipment, weapons and ISTAR (Intelligence, Surveillance, Target Acquisition and Reconnaissance). Example projects include the latest protected combat mobility and armoured vehicles, advanced weaponry and complex weapons programmes, and working on the latest surveillance systems. This area includes lower cost, short timeframe projects and programmes that have enormous strategic effect including managing battle-winning capabilities from ‘cradle to grave’.

Director Technical, Cost Accounting, Inventory Management and Logistics Supply Chain projects

The last group of PPM activity includes the areas of Director Technical, Cost Accounting, Inventory Management and Logistics Supply Chain. Example projects include managing the delivery of food, vehicles, clothing, medical supplies and temporary accommodation to where they are needed, and managing the logistics of returning military equipment from overseas operations. Teams in this domain are also involved in working on the cost management of projects, and providing knowledge and expertise in safety, quality, engineering, programme/project management and technical delivery, as well as a range of joint and supporting projects that enable all of our operations.

Qualities / qualification required

We take on candidates from a wide range of backgrounds including:

  • Candidates with transferable skills from outside the Civil Service, for example we have taken on strong candidates from banking and retail, and have provided training and support to enable them to successfully make this change.
  • Candidates with both engineering and project management experience because many of our roles require project managers who can work closely with our suppliers and partners, and discuss and negotiate at a technical level. If you have skills that cross-over engineering and project management, we would like to hear from you.
  • Ex-military staff or planned service leavers with programme and project manager experience who often have a unique understanding of operational requirements or a knowledge of where and how our equipment and services will be deployed.
  • Our entry level project roles are particularly suited to recent graduates who would like to move directly into a career in project and programme management. For these entry grades, we particularly look for qualifications in project management, engineering, business, and IT, ideally with an analytical focus. We also have formal apprentice and graduate training schemes run by DE&S’ Engineering & Science and Commercial functions.

Training and development

Career development

We are a large organisation, and in terms of career development, our programme and project management function extends across many of the operating areas of DE&S which provides managers with the opportunity to obtain skills and experience from a variety of different environments. We promote on merit and in a fair and transparent way, so regardless of your background, you will have the chance to achieve your maximum potential.

Training and development

There are excellent training opportunities for your continued personal and professional development, including the chance to obtain further project management qualifications and, once established, the chance to move internally between projects and roles.

Rewarding work

Our teams work on complex, interesting and often sensitive projects of great significance and consequence. You will be encouraged to take on responsibilities appropriate to your grade and may contribute to key stages and key moments of projects. Some projects involve secondments, international travel and the opportunity to visit sites and operations in the field.

Current vacancies

If you are looking for an exciting opportunity in an organisation with a diverse portfolio, offering first-class training and development, along with the chance to work on some complex, high-profile programmes, then the MOD is the place to work.

We currently have a number of vacancies within our Programme and Project Management team.  To find out more and apply, please click on the relevant link below.

Project & Programme Management