We want applying to join us to be a positive experience. To help, we have collated the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions. We hope you find them useful.

Stage 1 - Application

First Appointment Expenses (FAE) may be available to external applicants if it has been explicitly stated on the advertisement and the applicant satisfies the MOD’s eligibility criteria. If you are an internal candidate and in the redeployment pool (RDP), you must refer to the Defence Business Services (DBS) website for information on relocation eligibility.

Yes. Should you require support with the application process or require any technical assistance please contact the DBS team on 0800 345 7772.

Yes. Any technical issues experienced by applicants will be looked at on a case-by-case basis. If you do experience technical issues, that prevent you from submitting any part of your application, please make sure that you contact the DBS team prior to the closing deadline for applications. You can do this either via telephone (0800 345 7772) or by submitting an email to peopleservices@dbs.mod.uk, stating the job reference number, job title and the nature of the problem. Please keep a note of the incident reference number raised in relation to your query and a member of the team will contact you to advise you accordingly.

Any queries raised after the application deadline will only be considered in exceptional circumstances.

The number of competencies you will be required to provide evidence of within your supporting statement will be dependent on the campaign or role for which you are applying.  Full details will be contained in the job advert.  For the majority of campaigns you will be expected to provide evidence against two competencies, along with the submission of a full CV. When submitting your application, please ensure that you follow the instructions and submit all necessary information.  Partial or incomplete applications may not be considered by DE&S and may be excluded from the process.

Please note that if you are invited to interview, you will be expected to demonstrate evidence and experience against all six competencies.

Psychometric tests are a suite of tools which include a mix of Cognitive tests and Personality Measures used to gauge inherent characteristics with regards to ability/aptitude and personality. 

Our research has indicated that there are three areas critical for success at the Band B2 level. These are competence, potential and knowledge, and skills and experience. To test your skills in each of these three areas you will be required to demonstrate you have the required core and functional competence skills and that you have the appropriate cognitive and strategic agility that we would expect to see of a Band B. 

The data obtained from the psychometrics will be reviewed by an independent Panel Member who has been trained to interpret the information and this will be used to inform the Selection interview questions. 

Stage 2 – Sift and interview

At the CV sift stage candidates will receive a scoring for each competence within their supporting statements and CV. These scores will indicate how the panel viewed the evidence submitted along with a very brief comment if appropriate.  Due to the high volume of applicants, we are unable to provide candidates with any more detailed feedback.

Other than the score and brief comment, no further information will be provided. For direct campaigns this can be accessed via the CS Jobs website and for vendor campaigns candidates may email peopleservices@dbs.mod.uk

This will be dependent on the specific campaign and location of the posts being advertised.  Details of interview locations will be contained in the job advertisement.  If you are selected for interview, you will receive clear instructions (date, time and location) well in advance of your interview.

Stage 3 – Interview outcome and offers

We aim to notify candidates as soon as possible after interview, but the timescales will be dependent on the size of the campaign and the number of applicants who apply. The job advert should provide an indication of timescales involved.

There are three possible outcomes:

  • Successful external candidates who are allocated a position will receive a provisional offer and, upon successful completion of pre-employment checks, will then receive a formal offer; internal candidates who are allocated a position will be sent a formal offer since pre-employment checks will already have been undertaken; 
  • Those who are successful but who are not allocated a post at this time due to the number of available posts to successful candidates, will receive a reserve letter, and; 
  • Unsuccessful candidates will receive a letter to that effect.

For direct campaigns, interview results will be uploaded onto the CS Jobs website. Candidates will receive a scoring for each competence based on the evidence/experience demonstrated at interview.

For vendor campaigns, Hyphen (Adecco) will verbally inform all candidates of their outcome at interview, for candidates who wish to obtain their competency scores they will need to email peopleservices@dbs.mod.uk.

Due to the high volume of applicants we are unable to provide candidates with any more detailed feedback without causing a significant delay to the time in which applications are processed.

The decision of the interview panel is final. However, if you feel you have been unfairly treated you are entitled to raise an informal or formal grievance (internal candidates) or write to DBS stating your complaint.

 A provisional offer informs you that you have been successful at interview subject to pre-employment checks.  At this stage we will initiate the necessary pre-employment checks, such as security clearance and medical questionnaires. If you are an external candidate, you are strongly advised not to give notice to your current employer until pre-employment checks have successfully been concluded.

Your provisional offer will inform you of the pre-employment checks.  The security checks, which are undertaken by National Security Vetting (NSV) Agency, usually take the longest to complete so you will be invited to commence this aspect once you have been informed that you have completed your interview, as this reduces delays. An invitation to begin the security clearance process is not a guarantee that you will be given an offer.

All candidates will be required to undertake security clearances to the level the role requires prior to commencing employment.  Assuming the candidate completes their security forms and references are returned in a timely fashion, and that no further checks or documents are required, we would expect the individual to be advised that we are in the position to make a formal offer of employment and start discussions to agree an appropriate starting date.

All formal offers are dependent on satisfactory completion of the necessary pre-employment checks. You can help to speed up the process by ensuring that you carefully complete and submit all paperwork when requested. You are strongly advised not to give notice with your current employer until you have received a formal offer.